December 21, 2017

Hey there

how are you?

Did you get home okay after that

embarrassing incident at the office Christmas party?

( how's the cold sore looking? )

( fingers crossed it clears up quickly...)


Just wanted to wish you all a



thanks for tuning in again this year


October 8, 2017


the opening of my

offcut exhibition has finally arrived.

( some snaps below )


Proof that it is entirely possible for me to get out of a flannelette shirt and singlet

(once a year) and look kinda respectable...


July 19, 2017


Apologies, I have been slack

with my blogging lately...


but, I've got a good excuse


March 1, 2017


i don't think i've ever actually used that word before



i have a wee bit of news this week...


i've just been offered

a space at Birds Gallery (Kew)

to exhibit late September

so, it's time once again to...




and generally bu...

February 9, 2017


now that i have your attention

i have absolutely no idea

what to talk about...

so maybe i'll show you

some artwork that's been

slowly evolving

over the past few months...

i think it might actually be finished

This piece is titled: u do u don't i do, u don't...

I've used bo...

January 16, 2017


Hello peops

and a BIG

Happy New Year

to you all

Yep, another year has snuck up on us...

( gulp )

                             and i am another year older


November 9, 2016

ello ello

yes, i'm back from New York...

and i had a pretty awesome time actually!

Yep, am quite surprised about that

as i generally dislike cities...

( what can i say, i'm still a country bumpkin

 even though I've been living in Melbourne for 25+ years...

go figure? )


September 15, 2016

                             I'm off to New York soon...

                        ( can't quite believe it myself really )...

August 19, 2016

A little bit of exciting news this week...

A piece of mine, Cool College Jay, (bought by a friend a couple of years ago) has been featured in a photoshoot for Pipkorn & Kilpatrick / Yellowtrace

As you can see this piece is quite illustrative and different from my current...

July 28, 2016

                          Hi there

                   Remember me?


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