Melbourne artist and painter, Dionne Chambers grew up

in a small town in country Victoria, Australia.

With a love of all things boyish she earned the nickname

‘Billy the Kid’ from her father, now signing her artwork TomboyBill.

Training as an illustrator under the guidance of Warren Crossett

(Doug Moran Prize, 2015) she found work in the commercial art industry,

later training and working as graphic designer for a major publishing house.


With a yearning for the more traditional art never quite leaving her

and inspired by art hero, Jean-Michel Basquiat she decided to pick up

the brushes and explore her true passion.

Blood To Milk Saint Francis_TomboyBill.j
'TomboyBill's artwork has large, expressive heads that seem to be between human and animal -
perhaps a statement of existence.' 


- Helen Brack -

(Catty Bird Man exhibition)


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